Vision in Motion

Business units

The strengths of the individual business units of the TDE Group can be combined specifically to serve customers with customized solutions worldwide. Through the resulting synergy effects, it is possible to resort to a broad service and product range. The driving force behind the growth is innovation, led by a strong and highly committed engineering and research team.

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What started as a vision grew into a sophisticated product called proNova, a unique solution on the market focusing on drilling monitoring and analysis to measure the performance of drilling rigs and to improve their efficiency, safety and lower drilling costs. proNova by TDE, was established over the years with subsidiaries worldwide. TDE GmbH is considered today as one of the largest drilling sensor data processing centers in the world and this has formed the basis for future growth.

For more information please visit the proNova website.

think & vision

think & vision is positioning itself as a creative center for electrical engineering, mechatronics and software development within the TDE Group. Our globally distributed developers are dealing with the continuous optimization and further development of existing and new products.

For more information please visit the think & vision website.


MN7.NRG provides Turnkey Project Solutions for the oil and gas industry focusing on performance optimization and continuous improvement. This is conveyed through the complete line of communication to the rig floor, which encourages the feedback up to the project management through distinct actions. It is these actions that allow us to perform Best in Class when it comes to project efficiency and quality. MN7’s unique agile project management approach allows us to react quickly to any changes of circumstances and customer requirements, which leads to faster and improved well construction, allowing our clients to produce earlier with a greater final recovery and less CAPEX spending.

For more information please visit the MN7.NRG website.

TDE Equipment and Manufacturing

Since 2013, TDE Equipment and Manufacturing has expanded the group’s portfolio with the capability to produce high technology specialized machinery for the oil and gas industry, as well as providing equipment manufacturing services to the sister companies within the TDE Group. Utilizing the expertise of a world leading producer of high quality cutting and grinding machines used in the metal processing and foundry industries, TDE E&M is able to offer our customers with more than 40 years of experience the construction and building of mechanical equipment.

For more information please visit the E&M website and VOKA Machines.


Koller & Bichler GmbH (KoBi) expands our expertise into the areas of e-planning, electrical cabinet manufacturing and automation technology with facility automation solutions. The driving force behind our KoBi is innovation, guided by our strong and highly dedicated engineering and research team. Our KoBi Home & Office Automation focuses on technologies for monitoring control and integrating large data streams, providing the capability to supply collaborative work environments and facility automation solutions.

For more information please visit the KoBi website.