TDE Thonhauser Data Engineering GmbH is a solutions provider for the international petroleum industry founded in 2000. Its objective is to provide integrated drilling data management and analysis solutions focusing on the utilization of rig measurement data to provide an objective measure of drilling performance. The mission of TDE is to measure and improve drilling performance and reduce well construction cost by managing and analyzing drilling data in a unique way. Success is based on rigorous methods of data quality control and the development of novel drilling analysis concepts.

TDE's core product, proNova, is built upon its patented Automated Operations Recognition System (US Patent 6,892,812) utilizing rig sensor data to recognize drilling operations. Results from our service are delivered to our clients via the proNova Web Based Reporting and Analysis system. TDE has strong operations and flexible software development teams working in close contact with its clients to provide customized proNova Solutions.

TDE is the leading provider of drilling analytics and big data in the oil and gas drilling industry with strong focus and presence in the North Sea region. TDE is now also focusing on bringing drilling into the digital age with the ability to produce advanced specialized technical equipment for the oil and gas industry.

For the support of our existing clients as well as for extending our businesses in Europe and Africa we are looking for a

Senior Account Manager

The following minimum requirements and experience needs to be met to be invited for an interview:

In addition, the role would include active participation in TDE's digitalization initiative for future generation drilling systems.

If you are interested in working for us send your CV to