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tde and Equinor contract extension

TDE Digital, leading provider of digital solutions for the energy industry, has been awarded the extension of its long-standing collaboration with Equinor, an international energy company headquartered in Norway. The collaboration began in 2008 and has been successful in optimizing Equinor's operations in Norway.

TDE Digital is committed to empowering Equinor to outperform, and their solutions will continue to contribute to Equinor's rig fleet performance optimization. tde proNova has received positive feedback from Equinor's team due to consistent quality delivery and active role and support from the tde teams.

Through their collaboration, tde will continue to provide Equinor with digital solutions that optimize their operations, enhance performance, and consequently reduce CO2 emissions. This collaboration between tde and Equinor highlights the importance of digitalization in the energy industry. Digitalization is essential for companies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and achieve sustainable growth.

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About TDE Digital. TDE Digital, a fully owned subsidiary of TDE Group, is a data-driven technology and service provider for the energy industry, at the forefront of digital transformation. TDE has been a provider of innovative technology solutions for more than 23 years with the aim to drastically enhance drilling and well production efficiency and consequently reducing the CO2 footprint of oil and gas wells. More than 140 companies trust TDE’s products and services worldwide with unprecedented oil and gas expertise and digital domain know-how. TDE is utilizing innovative digitalization to help clients in the energy industry reach new levels of operational excellence which enables them to achieve their carbon neutral goals.

About tde proNova. tde proNova is the global standard in rig performance optimization with proven savings and customer satisfaction while reducing environmental impact. The tde proNova proprietary toolkit generates millions of value added for more than 140 customers worldwide.