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TDE joins the Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum

TDE is proud to announce that it is part of the Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum, an international group of oil and gas operators, technology providers, service companies, universities, and standard organizations that aims to build an open data platform for the oil and gas industry. TDE joins the likes of AWS, Shell, Chevron, Petronas, OMV and many more significant industry players to build a standardised cloud-native subsurface and wells data platform for the oil and gas industry.

The OSDU Forum will:

  • Publish a Reference Architecture: a cloud-native subsurface and wells data platform reference architecture with initial implementations by Microsoft® Azure and Amazon Web Services® and Google® GCP, with others expected
  • Define Application Standards to ensure applications (microservices) developed by various parties, can run on the same OSDU data platform
  • Leverage Industry Data Standards for frictionless integration and data access

This will result in:

  • Reducing data silos: subsurface data integrated and accessible in one data platform
  • Workflows in the cloud: user workflows seamlessly executed across the OSDU platform, taking advantage of powerful cloud-native solutions
  • Access to all metadata: users will have access to powerful search capabilities
  • Competition and co-operation: software vendors, oil companies, academia, and open community projects can develop software on the OSDU data platform

Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum

Why has TDE joined the forum?

TDE is the longest serving drilling performance analytics provider in the O&G industry providing the most accurate and experienced service of its kind on the market. As a company at the forefront of digital transformation, TDE's focus is bringing O&G data-driven visions to reality, to optimize performance for cost efficient drilling and production. Collaborating with major operators, service and technology providers, utilising TDE's global oil and gas expertise and digital domain know-how will be essential to capitalize on this cooperation to establish a standardised data platform. Operators will either implement their own versions of the OSDU data platform or leverage one of the cloud providers' services. Although these operators are direct competitors, they have decided that they don't want to compete on how to access and find data; they want to compete on creating insights and deriving decisions from the data. TDE will benefit from having access to this data, to develop more comprehensive automated insights and analytics provided by our proNova service.

We believe the OSDU Forum is well-aligned with our ongoing mission to empower the people and workflows of the Oil & Gas industry through enhanced data engineering and analytics, and the TDE Group team is excited to join our partners in the acceleration of digital transformation and the development of data integration standards.
Prof. Gerhard Thonhauser, Chairman, TDE Group.