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Let’s talk about tde reviews – our performance KPI benchmarking platform!

We have created tde reviews, our global performance KPI benchmarking platform, offering companies a unique opportunity to optimize rig selection, increase efficiency, and reduce risks.

tde reviews introduces a unified and standardized benchmarking platform, revolutionizing how drilling operations are assessed and compared on a global scale. By harnessing the power of our unique tde proNova dataset, the platform enables access to a vast collection of performance KPIs from over 65,000 wells and 1,800 rigs, allowing companies to make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights. One of the key features of tde reviews is its selective filtering and grouping capabilities. Users can now share and compare KPIs between similar rigs working on similar projects, enabling them to identify top-performing rigs and contractors. This level of analysis not only accelerates the rig selection process but also significantly reduces risks and enhances operational efficiency.

With tde reviews' high granularity level, you will achieve improved accuracy in project costs and time estimations. By leveraging the processed and quality-controlled data by tde, industry-leading standards are applied to ensure reliable and accurate information. This level of quality control and standardization sets tde reviews apart, providing companies with the certainty and efficiency they need for successful drilling operations.

tde reviews seamlessly integrates with popular Business Intelligence (BI) software applications, including Power BI, Qlik, Spotfire, Tableau, and more, allowing for comprehensive reporting and analysis.

We are thrilled to introduce tde reviews to the industry. Our platform empowers companies to make data-driven decisions, boosting their drilling performance and ultimately driving their success. We invite drilling operators and contractors to explore the capabilities of tde reviews and experience the future of benchmarking collaboration.

Interested? Contact us at to learn more about how tde reviews can empower your organization's future in the oil and gas industry.