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Wintershall Dea and tde contract extension

TDE Digital, leading provider of digital solutions for the energy industry, has announced the extension of its partnership with Wintershall Dea, international energy company headquartered in Germany. This collaborative effort was initiated in 2020 and has yielded remarkable results in streamlining tde's and Wintershall Dea's operations, currently in Germany, Mexico and Norway.

Our ongoing partnership with Wintershall Dea fosters advanced digital solutions that improve performance in their drilling operations. This partnership highlights the commitment to how digitalization is shaping the energy industry, supporting companies in increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and developing sustainable growth.

About TDE Digital: We are a data-driven technology and service provider for the energy sector, operating as part of the TDE Group. With over 23 years of experience, we are pioneers in creating technological solutions that boost drilling efficiency and decrease the carbon footprint in oil and gas sector. Trusted by over 140 global entities, we are dedicated to driving digitalization and assisting energy clients in achieving operational excellence and carbon neutrality.

About tde proNova: tde proNova is the global standard in rig performance optimization with proven savings and customer satisfaction while reducing environmental impact. The tde proNova proprietary toolkit generates millions in added value for more than 140 customers worldwide.