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Independent rig performance optimization

20+ Years


150+ Clients

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+70,000 Wells


1,800+ Rigs

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Global standard in well delivery performance improvement with proven savings and customer satisfaction while reducing environmental impact

Choose a provider who has been on the market since the beginning of automated reporting and driving industry standards.

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Operation Recognition

Operation Recognition States are calculated based on standard rig sensor data channels. Combined with best-in-class manual data contextualization, Quality Control and enrichment, the states are translated into performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Specific KPIs

Trust decades of industry expertise to provide customized performance measurements to fit your needs. On top of standard KPIs, tde proNova offers use case specific KPIs, such as rig equipment, directional drilling KPIs, or KPIs based on your company codes.

Performance Benchmarks, Potential - and Actual Savings

Utilizing 50,000 wells of captured learnings with the help of tde proNova's KPIs, you can set performance benchmarks, identify potential savings, and calculate actual savings and their return on investment whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

Customized Reports

Based on accurate performance measurements, that are sent to you periodically and fully automated. Create and export customized reports to share your outperforming achievements within your organization.

Real-time monitoring

Stay updated 24/7 with real-time sensor data, combined with our OPREC states and performance KPIs can be monitored in real-time with the responsive tde proNova trace web app.

Performance BI solutions

We offer performance BI solutions for your data analytics team:

  • custom automated Power BI reports to save time for your engineers

  • tde proNova's Well Comparison to slice and dice your own reports in our web app

  • in-memory tabular model for big data queries data gateway to connect your own BI reports

Performance Dashboards

tde proNova offers high level performance dashboards. These allow team leads and executives to monitor performance metrics without the need to review the performance health status of every single rig.

API Integration

Choose an analytics provider that does not require complex integration with your internal IT systems. tde proNova provides full API access to all data calculated by us for your in-house development and engineering teams: proNova REST API
In addition you can connect to our certified WITSML Store interface for data exchange: proNova WITSML Store

Vendor Neutral

We believe that performance measurement should be an independent service. Use us as a third-party service provider that offers unbiased and objective analytics.

Original and most experienced operations recognition system on the market

tde proNova was the first operations recognition system on the market. We have captured learnings from global operations comprising more than 50,000 wells, and with every new well we process, we get better.

Constantly improving and innovating solution

We are continuously working towards expanding real-time insights and advisory capabilities, extending our business intelligence platform, and improving the web portal. And all our clients benefit our empowering solutions.

CO2 emission reduction

Sustainability is important more than ever, choose a provider with proven reduction of CO2 emissions and time to lower the environmental impact. We have proven time savings and reduction of CO2 emissions using tde proNova, in just the first half of 2022, we identified 95000 tons of potential emissions reduction. See our use cases to find out more.

Multiple Sources Supported

Connect and stream data from different supported data sources (WITSML, CSV, LAS, S3, ...). Take us as your analytics provider, as we do not require complex integration with your internal IT systems.

Data Aggregation on Site via pFG

Additionally, tde proNova can offer data aggregation on the rig site via our pFG to enable the collection of sensor data in a repository for clients without such capabilities yet.