sustainable energy at scale

tde energy is a technology provider for the energy industry with a focus on providing technology to provide affordable and clean energy.
We can reduce the CO2 footprint faster than any other technology based on the constraints of the green energy availability and the use of existing infrastructure, and we achieve this by utilising more than 20 years of efficiency improvement, innovation, and technology development.



tde energy's mission is to enhance the efficiency of energy production and to explore ways to supply sustainable energy at scale, capitalizing on digitally transformed technology and processes.


tde is dedicated to delivering affordable and clean energy.

The tde team that has decades of international industry, academic and R&D experience, led by the founders Professor Gerhard Thonhauser as the CEO, and Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser as the COO.
Our team is highly diversified based on deep engineering and technology expertise with a focus on the market and customers. With diverse and complementary backgrounds, exceptional industry and research networks covering all global energy regions, this provides direct access to both customers and partners.

Gerhard Thonhauser tde CEO

Gerhard Thonhauser


21 years experience as entrepreneur, innovator and in corporate leadership

Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser tde COO

Bouchra Lamik-Thonhauser


21 years experience in operations, technical and corporate leadership

Global presence

tde operates globally with offices in major international energy hubs, R&D facilities in Europe and headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and a strong presence in the USA. This geographically well diversified operational footprint allows close contact to the market and customer needs.