TDE Group

About Us

TDE Group is the independent, modern, data-driven brand that is leading the oil and gas drilling industry into the digital age.

Representing the product divisions of data driven intelligence for the oil and gas industry, combined with the network of international company locations in the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Norway, Russia, Hungary and the USA.

TDE is shifting the drilling world from surface centric data models to fully integrated predictive downhole models - based on high quality real-time downhole data aggregation and analysis. TDE is the only company worldwide providing Digital Drilling Intelligence to anticipate and solve downhole challenges based on real-time data.

Digital Drilling for real-time downhole data is the most efficient way to drill for oil and gas - TDE's core strengths are the unique capabilities to independently aggregate, perform high-quality control checks and process large real-time data streams in a superior and efficient manner merged with more than 18 years of industry experience.

The driving force behind TDE Group growth is data-driven innovation, guided by our strong and highly dedicated engineering, research and development teams, and strong links to the academia of oil and gas.